Real estate PR with a concept


The positioning of real estate companies and service providers in the real estate industry is based on a strategic PR concept. The basics of the communication concept are:

  • Analysis of the initial situation, individual goals and target groups

  • Development of messages and strategy

  • Development of integrated communication measures

  • Definition of tools for the evaluation of PR measures

Focus on the trade press

The real estate industry has influential specialist media. The press work is tailored to their information needs and topic agenda. Typical PR measures are:

  • Creation and dispatch of a press release on the new product, service or other company news

  • Interviews and editorial discussions with specialist media and real estate journalists

  • Opinion pieces and professional articles

  • Press conference, e.g. for the presentation of the project development

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate sales begin well before the publication of exposés. Each property is unique in its location, architecture and concrete use. Accordingly, each project development requires its own branding. The most important basics of real estate marketing are:

  • Storytelling of the individual location & property

  • Branding, logo design

  • Conception and creation of project website, brochure and exposé

  • Concept, design and production of the construction sign

  • Drone photography and architectural photography

  • Further information on the website "property branding"

Online marketing for the real estate industry

In the marketing concept, online marketing plays a very important, increasing the primary role. A distinction must be made here: Is it about performance, i.e. generating leads for real estate sales? Or is the focus on branding, i.e. the positioning of the real estate company. Components of the online marketing concept are:

  • Analysis of the initial situation, individual goals (performance and/or branding) and target groups

  • Development of a strategic online marketing concept

  • Development of the messages and content

  • Definition of the channels of the tools for evaluating the measures

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