The basics of modern property branding

Property brand

Modern real estate marketing creates a property brand in the first step. The real estate-location thus becomes unique, it grows far beyond its postal address. The goal is creative branding oriented to the location and the property concept: The logo creates a visual brand that is much more than just a housenumber. It is important to compare the creative ideas with possibly already existing brands. And the brand name also needs to be individual enough to achieve a good positioning in Google search results on a small budget.
Who we need as a project team: marketing manager, logo design, creative copywriter, artwork.

Construction sign

A construction sign is erected at the construction site. The construction sign is the business card of the parties involved: project developer, craftsmen, architect, planners and sales team. Accordingly, the construction sign should have a stylish design appropriate to the location and the project development. The construction sign - also as a plane or banner, depending on the individual situation - should be large, 4 x 6 meters is usually the minimum size. On the construction sign, the building project is presented as a rendering, so professional renderings are needed that are printable in large format. This task is often performed by architects' offices.
Here the team consists of: Graphic designer, statics, print shop, architect


In addition to the construction sign, property marketing has a further, at least equally important equivalent on the Internet: The project website. The sales department needs a very good website of the real estate project, so that interested parties have the opportunity to view, reserve and finally purchase the property at an early stage. On the website, leads are collected and sales are prepared - the aim is to reach the target groups with suitable content. In addition, the website is a reference for the project developer and should accordingly also pay attention to his search engine optimization (SEO). The real property project's website should include photos and films.
Who do we need in the project team: webdesign, drone photographer, IT administrator, copywriter, content manager


ImmoScout24, Immowelt, ebay classifieds: In Germany, these are the major real estate portals where the real estate agent or sales department posts the property exposé. In addition, modern online marketing enables exposés and links to project websites on Facebook, via Google or other channels to be played out to the relevant target groups. Native Advertising allows special real estates projects to be presented on the websites of leading online media. Especially the distribution to international investors has several new channels for advertising real estate projects to the relevant target groups through the internet.
Who we need: online marketing manager, copywriter, translator, real estate photography

Marketing material

If the real estate project is equipped with an information container or a show apartment, further marketing material will be necessary. Give-aways, info brochures and flyers for interested parties are a must. In addition, high-quality coffee table books can be displayed for interested parties on site, and image films or real estate films can be shown. The laptops or tablets of the sales staff are also equipped with information material, floor plans, renderings and photos.
The project team is recruited according to the requirements of the sales materials: Real estate film team, marketing manager, graphic designer, final artwork, copywriter, print shop, production of advertising material

Public Relations

Construction sites attract attention and arouse the neighbourhood's curiosity. Project development should not only prepare itself reactively for this, but also actively communicate with the public. The least that can be done is to regularly send press releases to the local media. In addition, many other things are possible, depending on the individual construction project and its special features. Journalists are often invited to the roofing ceremony and to the final completion, tours of the construction site are offered in between to interesting construction phases, and interviews with the architect and project developer are offered.
Who we need: PR manager, photographer

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