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PR Consulting Frank is specialized in the real estate industry

Each property is unique in its location, architecture and individual use. On the "product side", the real estate industry thus differs fundamentally from most other industries, whose products are generally not location-bound unique pieces. This makes real estate communication a task for professionals with experience in PR consulting for the real estate industry.

Property PR, Real Estate Marketing and Online Marketing for the real estate industry are the core competencies of PR Consulting Frank GmbH.

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PR & communication services

Modern communication for the real estate economy

Brainstorming zum Erfolg

Online marketing for the real estate industry

As a service provider in the real estate industry, for example, you will develop a special application and build up the marketing for it. You are a professional in technical development, but how does the real estate industry think? Someone has to speak the language of the real estate industry and at the same time know the modern tools of online marketing. Of course, this also works the other way around: You are a real estate professional and are looking for support in addressing target groups with online marketing tools. PR Consulting Frank supports with many years of experience in real estate communication. More

Property PR

Your business is growing, your PR team is working at full capacity - nevertheless, the PR must be planned for the new project development. Or you don't have your own internal PR department and don't want to create one. But you know that you can no longer do without active communication. The real estate industry is the focus of public attention. Your marketing needs PR support, someone has to handle and answer external enquiries, your own successes need to be communicated. As a professional for real estate communication PR Consulting Frank is available to you. More

Notebook & Pad

Strategic Consulting

You want to strengthen the profile of your company in the industry. Or a new product goes into sales and should be positioned in public and presented in the most interesting way. PR Consulting Frank develops the PR story and creates the framework and the red line for the placement on the appropriate channels of PR and online marketing. To ensure that your message reaches the target group.

Real Estate Marketing

Your project development needs a name, a brand as a logo, a construction sign. And a project website, written in the appropriate tonality. You also want to document the location and the construction site with drone video and photos. Last but not least, the property lives strongly through its visual impression: the individual effect in the concrete location can be impressively shown in photos and videos. PR Consulting Frank plans and controls real estate marketing. Drone recordings, photography and design are carried out by freelancers and independent partners from the PR Consulting Frank network. More

Consulting with basis and goal


Listening is the first step of consulting. When it is clear what the goal or problem is, what is new or special, messages and ideas are formed. The match is made with the media agenda: what interests a broad audience, what is relevant for the industry and specialist media. This is the central leitmotif for the concept.


If you want to succeed with your message, you have to bring it to the point. The concept is about clear goals, target groups, core messages, strategy - and above all output-oriented measures. Creativity is just as important here as experience with PR tools and corresponding marketing and advertising measures.


The implementation of corporate, product or marketing communication is done via PR measures such as press releases, interviews and press briefings. In addition, consultation on trade fair presence and participation in specialist events, online marketing, social media and content strategy are components of modern integrated communication.

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